Where do you put the finished diamond painting?

We like to add a top stamp to keep all the diamond beads safe and then put them in an elegant frame to hang them on the walls of our home or office. However, before starting the framing process, there are a few finishing touches you can add to your painting just to make sure it's as perfect as possible. One of the best answers on how to store finished diamond paintings is to reuse cardboard boxes as storage containers. Almost everyone has at least one or two boxes around the house that they don't use or that they haven't even thrown away yet.

Well, instead of putting it in the attic so they can forget it or throw it away, why not recycle it yourself using it as a diamond painting store? As long as the box is larger than the paintings, it will be an excellent safe for your projects. You can even store several diamond paintings at once if you add a layer of plastic between each project. Based on our personal experience and feedback from our wonderful customers, we have created a ranking of the 7 best display ideas for your finished kit. I did the big (19.7X27.6Inch) Wolf with Weap%26 Dreamcatcher, let me say it turned out fantastic.

I made the eyes golden brown to match my own wolf. I used the poster frame, double-matted with construction paper and glued the back of the canvas. The first time I didn't realize I had to stick it and yes, it slipped. I have mine in a frame with glass brought from a bargain store we have here in Australia for 267,99 30 × 40 very satisfied with it.

If you plan to hang your diamond painting or use elastic bars to display it, it is crucial that you first seal the finished painting. When you are done, you will have a large cross shape that will become your full framed diamond art, and there will be four small squares or rectangles that you have cut. However, most diamond art craftsmen find that a standard rolling pin works great, and you might already have one of these in your kitchen, waiting for the day you decide to perfect the art of flaking on your homemade pie crust. Storing your diamond paintings is very important to ensure that they do not get damaged or dirty.

From time to time I do a second pass, however, it is important that you pay close attention to making sure it is even and thinly coated or your colors will dull immediately and the diamonds will lose their shine if they are covered with a layer that is too thick. If you have completed a diamond painting with round diamond drill bits, you probably have a finished diamond artwork that looks a bit like a cross stitch or embroidery section, and there are small gaps around each of the beads. Once you are sure that the diamond art is reasonably centered on the pre-stretched canvas, use the roller or roller to smooth the piece and press the diamond canvas firmly against the glued canvas. Keeping your diamond painting flat is the best way to store it, as it will prevent the diamond painting bits placed on it from falling off the canvas.

Sealing diamond painting helps ensure that the beads themselves and any canvas exposed between the beads resist the accumulation of dust and debris. You need proper storage of your finished diamond paintings or diamond painting kits while you decide how you want to frame them. This will give you two inches of leftover material that you will use to wrap the diamonds around the sides of the diamond art piece, so the effect will be like an oil painting you would buy from an art gallery. Under the mattress of the bed - this is probably the cheapest way to store finished or unfinished diamond paintings.

No matter which of the 10 ways to display your diamond paintings you choose, or, hell, you might want to add them all to your craft wish list, you're sure to find the best one for your taste, skill level and budget. If you're not ready to frame or display your diamond art, check out this post on how to save your diamond painting. .

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