What size are the diamond painting drills?

Diamond painting kits with square drill bits usually feature more complex designs than those with round diamonds. With a size of 2.5 mm, square diamond drills are smaller than their round counterparts This allows for more details per square inch, so they are preferred when creating more intricate works of art.

Diamond paintings

come in all kinds of sizes, from small (20 x 17 cm) to large (60 x 45 cm). A general rule of thumb when deciding what size is right for your image is that smaller images have much less detail when complete.

If you're buying a diamond painting kit, you'll want to make sure the final size is right for the type of image you want to create. Round drill bits have a circular shape and are slightly larger than square diamond drill bits. Round drills tend to shine brighter because they have more facets. Number of angular or cutting surfaces).

These exercises give the appearance of a cross stitch to the final result. Round diamond drill bits are larger than counterpart square drill bits and have a size of 2.8 x 2.8 mm. Square diamond drill bits have the dimensions of 2.5 x 2.5 mm (0.25 x 0.25 cm). In addition to 3D and 5d diamond drill bits, some drill bits have an extra shine due to their iridescent coating.

These diamond drill bits are called AB (Aurora Borealis) drills because of their resemblance to the aurora borealis. The drills are all the same size, round or square, 2.5 mm. The bigger the better for more detailed projects. Working on my first 50x60cm diamond painting.

I also do cross stitch, work on my first quilt of old military uniforms, I also do other things for boys, carpentry, sailing, arranging boats, camping, wanting to learn how to weld. Check the size of your drills. Multiply the number of points by the size of the beads and add an additional 3 cm (1.2 inches) to frame. While there is nothing wrong with the setters that come with diamond painting kits, buying a more ergonomic one makes the process more enjoyable, especially for large canvases.

Resolution is your best friend: a computer wallpaper will look better with a higher resolution, just like your diamond painting. Medium diamond art paintings are the most popular because this size allows a wide variety of image styles. The full square drill looks like a mosaic, so some people use the term “diamond mosaic” to paint with diamonds. You may need to use rollers to fix them in place or reapply the adhesive to fix broken diamonds.

We want to make diamond painting easy and offer only the highest quality kits and materials. The size comes from the fact that diamond painting patterns started out as modified cross stitch patterns. While both options are perfectly suitable for new and experienced diamond painters, there are a few things to consider that could help you decide. The most common diamond painting sizes are grouped according to small, medium, large and extra-large, and each group contains several different dimensions.

Regardless of what exercises you decide to do, the result will be a glorious diamond painting that you will gladly show to your friends and family. There are many sizes in which kits are available and it can be a little difficult when you start to know which size works best for your image. Move on to large paintings that require even finer details once you've done ten small or medium diamond paintings. Most Alisa kits are the full drill (90%), but Alisa Diamond Paintings also offers diamond painting kits with partial drill.


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