What do you do with diamond paintings when you're done?

Mount your painting on a foam or cardboard board. Apply extender bars to your finished canvas. Stick your diamond painting to a pre-stretched canvas in white. Mark two inches on the back of the diamond painting with a marker or fabric marker, then cut everything except the two-inch overhang with your craft trimming tools.

A diamond painting would be a great gift for your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. Masking tape and plastic cover: Temporarily place your diamond painting on the wall immediately with an adhesive tape (you can use any tape) and then cover it with a plastic cover and secure it with the adhesive tape to the wall. This option will prepare your diamond painting for display anywhere, and it is also a nice addition when giving as a gift for a fully handmade diamond painting project. The easiest option is simply to cut the excess canvas with sharp scissors designed for fabric or crafts, and this option is certainly used by many diamond painters, especially for works of art with smaller diamonds.

The canvas underneath the diamonds is sticky, and this combination of stickiness and small cracks ensures that your brilliant diamond painting will trap dust if left unprotected. If you have completed a diamond painting with round diamond drill bits, you probably have a finished diamond artwork that looks a bit like a cross stitch or embroidery section, and there are small gaps around each of the beads. Rest assured that there are plenty of different options for all budgets and creative abilities when it comes to how you would like to display your diamond painting. Most of us spend quite a bit of time working on a single diamond painting project because it can take a while to get each bead in the right place.

Cut the canvas to the diamond edge, cut out the board to the corresponding dimensions, and stick the diamond painting to the support board. When you are sure the painting is complete, take a soft brush (toothbrushes work fine) and remove dust or debris from the diamond painting. In addition to the diamond painting tools that come with all complete diamond painting kits, some diamond art aficionados will recommend a sprayer, which is a manual winding device that you can use to press on the finished diamond painting to make sure that all the beads are diamond are firmly in place and well glued to the adhesive canvas. Another popular option is to purchase a support board with the intention of leaving a defined border around the diamond painting so that the stand serves as a frame or mat for diamond art.

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